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Bee Active. Bee Happy. Bee Balanced.

A safe space where children can come explore their minds, body and breath. Kids yoga helps children from all ages establish a mind body connection, build a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset and encourages them to move in a playful, functional manner.


  • Builds stronger, more flexible bodies

  • Helps develop proprioception (body awareness)

  • Core strength - improves posture, co-ordination & balance

  • Builds self-esteem & confidence

  • Improves creativity

  • Develops ability to focus, pay attention & concentrate

  • Learn about the "Breath" and the calming effect it has

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Learn to establish a "Growth mindset"

  • Encourage kindness & acceptance of themselves and others

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

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  • Warm up

  • Breathing techniques

  • Stretching & Strengthening poses/ exercises through the use of storytelling, visualization, music and drama (imitating animals and nature)

  • Games 

  • Open communication circles/ discussions

  • Positive reinforcement/ affirmations

  • Relaxation exercises 


  • Classes are between 30 - 45 min long depending on ages.

  • Classes start from ages 4 - 7 and ages 8 - 12.

  • Private classes and family classes can be arranged.

  • Group classes run according to the school schedule per term.

  • Kids holiday camps sometimes are offered - stay connected on our instagram and facebook pages for any special workshops and events.

Children in Yoga Class


Kids Yoga Teachers:



Occupational Therapist and Kids Yoga Teacher

Lyndal Alexander qualified as an Occupational Therapist at the University of Cape Town. She has a decade of experience in working with children with complex needs, including physical and neurodevelopmental disabilities, mental health conditions, children at risk and paediatric palliative care. She has experience working in the public health system as well as in the international development sector. Passionate about building resilient children and families in the face of trauma and disability, she completed a Masters in Early Childhood Intervention (UP) in 2017. Her interest in family-centred and holistic, wellbeing approaches to children encouraged her to embark on being a kids yoga teacher with a special interest in therapeutic yoga and the research evidence behind it. In collaboration with Bee Yoga, she will be training yogis in yoga for children with special needs.


shop C2, 61 Basil Hulett Drive, Salt Rock, Dolphin Coast, 4392

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