Why "Aloha Active"?


Located in a little coastal town on the Dolphin Coast of KZN, when you enter Salt Rock it most certainly gives a feeling of island living.

We have a tight knitted active community, with lovers of the ocean, respect for the environment and each other, the name just seemed so well suited for who we are and what we stand for.


Aloha is more than a simple greeting in Hawaii, it is a way of life.


Join us in living the "Aloha" way.

Aloha Spirit:


By living in the state of "Aloha", your body and mind are always in harmonious balance with those around you.


The positive energy that you send out to the world expands and multiplies. It can never be destroyed.

Practicing Aloha everyday, especially in difficult times, caring deeply about the environment and respecting all living beings.

Everything in this universe is a part of us, therefore we are a part of all being.


There is no past, there is no future. There is only this present moment.

By living the way of Aloha, you live a life of great love, compassion, happiness, health and prosperity.

Come join our "Ohana"

means family, but goes deeper than just 'family'. It extends from blood-relatives to "chosen" family and carries with it an implication of respect and cooperation.