Who Are We?

Aloha Active, partly yoga studio, partly functional training facility. We believe that "movement is medicine". For the body as well as for ones mental well being.


At Aloha Active we offer a variety of different styled yoga classes, aerial trapeze yoga as well as functional training classes, utilizing equipment as well as your own body weight to build strength, tone up and improve over all well being.


By incorporating a combination for different modalities to move your body, balance is achieved between strength, mobility and flexibility that over time will have you moving as naturally intended again.


 Located in the heart of Salt Rock, Ballito with a sea view, we bring the outdoors lifestyle indoors.


Whether your goal is to find freedom in movement again, compliment and improve your sport/s of choice, destress and reduce stress, loose weight & tone up we have you covered.

Finding fluidity in movement and balance within, Aloha Active provides a healing and friendly environment to do so.